While You Are Waiting for the “Right” Time, You May be Missing the Time of Your Life!
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While You Are Waiting for the “Right” Time, You May be Missing the Time of Your Life!

Assisted living is one of the fastest growing segments of long-term care. The philosophy of assisted living
is to provide maximum independence in a home-like setting, with individualized care and assistance
when needed. Assisted Living offers a unique mix of security and independent living, privacy and
companionship and physical and social well-being.

Do not allow an acute health episode to throw your life into “crisis” management. Choices become
limited when decision are “reactive” instead of “proactive”.

Be aware of the signs that it is time to explore options and share preferences with loved ones:

  • Isolation/Depression: Is your loved one isolated from social contact? Are his/her sleeping
    habits, eating habits or activity levels changing?
  • Daily Activities/Eating Habits: Is your loved one having a difficult time walking, dressing or
  • Cognitive Ability: Is your loved one’s mental reasoning ability at a level where his/her personal
    safety and the safety of others are at risk?
  • Increasing Medical Needs: Does your loved one need medical care you or he/she cannot provide? Does he/she need more and more help taking medications?
  • Caregiver Burn-out: Is a family caregiver exhausted due to the amount of care your loved one needs?
  • Household Management: Can your loved one still manage the components of running a household such as cooking, cleaning, keeping a checkbook or paying bills?


At Edgewater Place Assisted Living Community, day-to- day worries are no longer a concern and the
focus is on life itself. Experience assisted living at its finest.

For more information or to arrange a personal visit, please call 614.873.9700

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