Residents and Family Members 11/13/2020
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Residents and Family Members 11/13/2020

As of today, three residents are on our COVID unit and three COVID residents are currently out of the building. Two employees continue to quarantine at home. Our next testing date for employees is Monday, November 16. Residents are tested on an as needed basis.

I would like to express our appreciation for your continued patience and understanding as we face the challenges each day brings. You have most likely seen our team members working in different roles in an attempt to prevent service or quality disruption for our residents. In this time of limitations and restrictions we must all support each other in our resolve to overcome this pandemic.

Assisted Living communities are facing more regulations and reporting than ever before. These requirements add pressure on an already difficult staffing environment. The volume of new/changing information creates staff fatigue and frustration. We focus on lifting the spirits of our staff and sharing in the workload so all of us can be the best caregivers in all departments of our community. Our resident’s clinical and cognitive health is our primary concern. We struggle between limiting exposure and quality of life each day.

We will continue to keep the line of communication open for COVID census, educational materials and policy updates.  Our residents and staff receive ongoing education through meetings and written materials. Family and community information will be disseminated via personal emails, phone calls, the Edgewater FaceBook page and the Edgewater Place website.

The COVID battle is much stronger and effective when we all stand together in the correct ways to defeat this pandemic. Thank you all for being part of the solution!

Sandy Harris LNHA
Executive Director

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