Residents and Family Members 2/17/2021
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Residents and Family Members 2/17/2021

Dear Family and Residents,

With the pandemic still very much in our lives, we continue to keep our CROFT values at the forefront of what we do.  Our values guide us in everything from how we treat one another to the decisions we make each day.  As January has turned into February, we have completed the second and even third vaccination clinics for our residents and team members at each campus in the Greencroft system.

This news is exciting as it means that most of our residents have gotten their second dose of the vaccine and are on their way to developing the needed immunity to COVID-19.  While the number of team members taking the vaccine was not as high as our residents, we still had a good number of team members who decided to take the vaccine.  The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory for our team members.  We will continue to make this a voluntary action.

The vaccine is now available to more and more age groups in each state which will bring us closer to the level of immunity needed in order be able to make changes in our routines.  We have heard from many of you asking when restrictions will be removed.  We continue to follow the recommendations provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Ohio Department of Health. We will begin a structured visitation schedule on March 1, 2021. Details will be going out to family members and residents beginning February 22nd.

As we move forward, we must continue to social distance, wear masks, keep washing our hands, and avoid large gatherings until we, as a society, can reach a level of immunity which would make those actions less important.  Trusted resources tell us that while even after the second dose of the vaccine, we can still contract COVID-19, and thus we can still transmit the virus to others.  The vaccine may keep recipients from experiencing the severe symptoms of COVID-19 but not from transmitting the virus to those who have not been vaccinated.  Therefore, we must adhere to the safety protocols we have in place.

We are thankful for the protection the vaccine offers to our residents as they have suffered the most severe of the effects of this virus.  To know they have protection is a blessing.  We continue to educate and answer questions for our team members and families so you may make an informed decision on whether to accept this protection for yourself when you are eligible.

Should you have questions specific to our campus, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Should you have questions about COVID-19 or the vaccine, please don’t hesitate to email

Sandy Harris LNHA
VP of Operations

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