Life Enrichment
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Life Enrichment

“Memorial Day Cookout”

Although the weather was not fit for residents to go outside, they still enjoyed an old fashioned Memorial Day cookout.

“Men’s Cafe Club”

Our men’s cafe club enjoys a luncheon from Der Dutchman.

“Ceramics Class”

Residents painted their ceramics during a ceramics class and they enjoyed seeing their finished product!

“Easter 2021”

We had an Easter walk and residents won prizes and was visited with the Easter Bunny.

“Bowling Outing”

Residents enjoyed a outing with bowling and lunch.

“Johnny Steiner”

Johnny Steiner entertained our residents with his amazing Great American Songbook performance.

“St. Patrick’s 2021”

Resident’s celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this year with creating gnome crafts and party!

“Men’s Cafe Luncheon”

Some of our men resident’s enjoyed a luncheon out at Roosters.