How to Have a Positive and Successful Visit with your Loved One in Assisted Living
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How to Have a Positive and Successful Visit with your Loved One in Assisted Living

Making the decision to move a loved one into assisted living is emotional and can be a stressful decision
to make, even when all parties involved agree that the move must happen. Keep in mind a few tips
throughout the transition to assisted Living:

1. Decide whether spontaneity works for you and your loved one. Just pop in when you have a chance – Maybe you need a scheduled visit each day.
2. Always greet with a smile, starting your visit on a positive note.
3. Be aware of your non-verbal forms of communication – What are you communicating with your body language? Are you rushed? Is something bothering you at home? You set the tone for the visit.
4. Don’t go into the visit with any preconceived expectations. Be open and flexible.
5. Focus on a task, such as eating, a craft, reading a book or visiting during a scheduled event – this makes for easier goodbyes.
6. Build relationships with facility staff – getting to know who is taking care of your loved one make it easier for you and your loved one to feel comfortable.
7. Don’t feel guilty when you have to leave. Plan your exit when your loved one is going into an activity or meal, this can make it easier for everyone.

Written by Sarah Kaminski, MSW, LSW, Summit Home Care

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