Helping Hands
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Helping Hands

No sew blanket made and donated to
Mount Carmel NICU for the babies.

A no sew blanket donated to NICU.

“Community Involvement”

Founded in May 2019, the Edgewater Place Helping Hands Club has worked hard to fulfill needs both locally and globally. Their first project came about when a resident family member, who works at a local hospital, voiced concerns about infants in the NICU. She said the babies were unable to sleep well because of the overhead lighting and she thought it would be nice to have something to cover the incubators. The Helping Hands Club not only donated 11 handmade quilts to the NICU, but they also crocheted 32 hats to donate as well. They were even able to personally deliver those items to the hospital.


Following that first project, the Helping Hands Club began working on donations to the local Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The residents put together 40 bags filled with craft and activity supplies like paints, brushes, crayons, markers, and coloring pages. One member spent countless hours constructing handmade dolls to donate. Another two members created more quilts to give to the kids at the hospital.


Residents in our Helping Hands club voted and decided to make no-sew blankets so they are making 12 blankets to donate to Mount Carmel Hospital NICU for the babies there.


The Edgewater Place Helping Hands Club has made such a great impact on their community through their acts of kindness. Always willing to give back and help others, this incredible group of residents is an inspiration to everyone who knows them.

Making homemade donuts.