Edgewater Place | Helping Hands
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Helping Hands

“Giving back over holidays”

By Michael Williamson
The Madison Press

As the week of Thanksgiving wraps up, so begins the official holiday season — a time for giving back. That’s just what the ladies of Edgewater Place Assisted Living in Plain City did this year.


“One of my residents has a daughter-in-law who works for Dublin Methodist and she told us they were in need of blankets to put over the incubators so the babies can sleep better,” said Tammy Justice, Life Enrichment Director. “My residents love to quilt so we began the project of making small quilts the families would be able to take home.”


The residents have put together 8 quilts for the babies and nearly 20 hand-crocheted beanie hats that they plan to donate to the hospital ahead of Thanksgiving. In addition to the quilts, they are working on hand-made dolls and craft kits that will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


Crocheted socks are in the process of being made and Justice said donations are coming in from residents, staff and family members to go to the local Daily Needs Assistance in Plain City to help those in need in the community.


“In 14 years of working in assisted living and long-term care activity departments, I have never met a group of residents who insist on working so hard to help others,” Justice said. “It is amazing the kindness the staff and residents of Edgewater Place exhibit.”