Health Check
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Health Check



Happy Holidays!

The Edgewater Team would like to introduce a new informative feature called, “Health .” Periodically, we will send out a brief health related message via email to the primary family member or representative for each resident in our community. Our intention is to supply information to assist our seniors in having a productive quality of life while they reside in our Assisted Living community. You will also have access to more detailed information on some of the topics on our website. We will also share this information with our residents in an open forum to allow a venue for questions. Our objective for Health is to supply talking points for family members/representatives to discuss with their loved one. The Edgewater Team will certainly appreciate the additional support provided for our residents to be proactive with positive changes instead of reactive to circumstances with poor outcomes.


Since 2020, the public continues to be inundated with information on COVID-19, the COVID Variant, testing and vaccinations. Rest assured, Edgewater will continue to review all information and comply with CDC guidelines and ODH regulations pertaining to COVID and Core Principles of Infection Control in an assisted living community. This information is important, but it has overshadowed basic health maintenance our seniors continue to overlook. They have compromised a healthy lifestyle with poor choices. It is vital to implement daily basic health hygiene and routines so a significant decline in ADL’s will not require a change in their environment.


The following list highlights critical talking points for residents and family members:

  • Daily activities based on resident ability and preference. The Life Enrichment Director and Summit therapy team can assist with defining what that may look like for each person. Weakness generated by loss of muscle tone can lead to debilitating falls.
  • Socialization is critical for mental health. Family members, friends, and our specialized team can help residents address depression and anxiety issues.
  • Personal Hygiene – the Edgewater caregivers are here to help when needed. A sedentary lifestyle does not eliminate the need for bathing, toileting, shaving, haircare, and nailcare. Skin breakdown and wounds develop quickly and can become a chronic source of decline for a resident.
  • Nutrition – our professional Dietary team provides healthy, nutritious meals. They are available to work with individuals on good meal choices. Seniors often underestimate the value of adequate hydration and proper nutrition.
  • Most importantly, replace negative behavior with a Positive Attitude! Edgewater Team members will provide our seniors with the tools to succeed and maintain a healthy lifestyle! We look forward to working together to achieve our best results.


I wish you all Peace & Joy throughout the holiday season and into the New Year.

Sandy Harris LNHA

Executive Director


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